Gamifying the Gig Economy

Published 11 November 2019

We've described the future product direction for Arcade City as Uber meets Pokémon Go.

Well, that future is now.

On January 1st — our fourth anniversary — we will launch our version 4 mobile app for Android and iOS, rebuilt in the Unity 3D engine.

Service requests for rides and more will be enabled worldwide on day one, alongside a plethora of familiar game systems like guilds, quests, chat, experience points and levels, collectible items both consumable and wearable, loot boxes, and more.

The global gig economy will never be the same.

For years we've been challenged with the question of how best to bottle up the magic of our flagship Austin rideshare network, which now features industry-leading metrics on driver earnings, driver retention, cost of customer acquisition, and overall cost-efficiency.

We've made trial pushes into a few other areas like the Philippines, but have not yet figured out how to scale our cooperative rideshare model globally while also respectfully generating the revenue needed to grow as a business.

We believe we now have the answer. We're calling it the realgame. And we are excited for you to play it with us.

Much more to come. Stay tuned for updates:

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Stay tuned — and GAME ON.