To the Philippines and Beyond

Published 1 December 2019

Though our new version 4 mobile app will be available worldwide on January 1st, we will be making a special push into the Philippines for both car and motorbike transportation.

Of the 35,000+ users from our previous app versions, more than two-thirds were from the Philippines.

So we are excited to come back in January.

Word about Arcade City spread really fast in the Philippines for a few reasons:

1. Uber got banned in 2017, then in 2018 Uber sold their entire Southeast Asian operation to fellow ridesharing giant Grab, which now has a de-facto monopoly.

2. The capital city Manila has the worst traffic in the world.

3. Entrepreneurial solutions like Uber-for-motorbikes app Angkas have been repeatedly banned and hassled by Philippines' aggressive transportation regulator, the LTFRB.

In short: thousands of riders, drivers and bikers in the Philippines are hungry for an alternative. And we are excited to provide it.

What makes Arcade City unique? Three big reasons:

1. Drivers and bikers can take payment peer-to-peer and keep 100% of the fare. No messing around with PIN codes to send us a cut. You earned that money — you should keep it!

2. Riders can see what drivers and bikers are nearby and send a connection request to the closest service provider, or message a preferred driver directly. Special requests are welcome!

3. Safety and governance are handled by teams of drivers called guilds, as part of the cooperative ridesharing model that has been working successfully for three years in our flagship Austin network. More details about the guild system soon. :)

We've entered the Philippines twice before, in 2017 and 2018. But this time we are coming to stay.

And for at least the first month, we are not going to charge riders or drivers or bikers in the Philippines to use our app for rides. No cut on rides, no setup fees, no paid orientation packets, nothing!

Eventually we'll need to make a bit of money so we can grow our team to handle more users. But if you want 100% free rides to continue longer, we'd really appreciate if you can donate a cup of coffee or two to our developers. Will speed up our coding too :)

💰☕🤓 Buy us coffee so we code faster! 💰☕🤓

And if there's an app feature you'd like to request, or a city/country you'd like to see us expand into or focus on, just add that as a comment in the form here :)

Much more to come! Follow us for updates:

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Stay tuned — and GAME ON.

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