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Happy New Years, folks, and happy third anniversary to Arcade City.

Hey let's celebrate by launching our version three mobile app! Sounds like a good idea, let's do that — today.

So this is what's going live today for Android and in about two days for iOS.

So guilds is kind of the main cool new thing, in addition to — if you used the last version of the app, this will be very familiar. You put down beacons. There's beacons for your car if you're a driver, or a person waving your hand if you're a rider. It's just smoother than it was in the last version. Here you've got your profile, your bio. You can edit your bio.

Open the chat, there's a little flag down there for the chatrooms. There's different types of chats. There's guild chat and there's personal chat, one on one chat.

You can see a roster of each guild, founder and member. And then in probably the next version, or the version after that in a week or so, you'll be able to promote people to officers who can also invite, that kind of thing.

Each guild is going to have a service area, which is going to begin with probably about 10 kilometers or six mile-ish radius and expand from there as the guild levels up. This is just an example guild. That's going to be more relevant when we turn on the rideshare requests. It's relevant now given that if you go to create a guild — like let me leave this guild and show you what it looks like to create a guild.

So if I go to create a guild, let's name it blah blah blah blah. And I'm typing with one hand here, so I am just going to put in a nice eloquent mission statement there. It will place a permanent guild beacon at your current location. And you can see what the initial starting radius looks like. You can imagine that expanding over time. But if you're trying to cover a particular territory of your city, you might want to take care that you go to the place where you want your permanent guild beacon to be. Don't do this from your home, probably. These beacons are available to be seen by everyone in the network, and on the website and stuff like that, so pick maybe a local landmark or something cool.

At some point, there might be a quest to update your center point, or you know pay five dollars to update it. But we don't really want these moving around.

Alright, create the guild. That will add you to this list of nearby guilds. We'll let people switch kilometers and miles, how they want there. But it will show you how far away the center point of the guild is. This is going to show the five closest guilds to you. And then you can click on the guild to see the profile. This will be customizable when you get to be a level one guild, which is having your charter approved. Mission statement, a little roster at a glance. You can see the more fleshed out roster there. More information in terms of photos and ratings and stuff will be added to each profile.

But the idea here is that this is a hybrid rideshare and social network app. What we learned in studying what our Austin network actually does day to day, in providing reliable citywide transportation to the city of Austin for the past two and half years. They make heavy use of the different chat functionality of Facebook. Different group feeds and channels and the public feed, and private chats and group chats.

If we're going to have a decentralized rideshare market place work in practice, being able to pull over those social networking and connection features into our own app makes a lot more sense.

Okay, that's good for now.

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