What is Arcade City?
Arcade City is a global network of local communities for peer-to-peer everything.
Our first mission is to build a global transportation network powered by communities not corporations.
Arcade City has already built in Austin the world's first and only peer-to-peer ridesharing network owned and operated by its drivers. Now we are expanding that model around the world. Read more here.
Contact us
If you have questions or are interested in participating in Arcade City, please join our global community group on Facebook: Arcade City Square.
Theoretically you can contact us at cityhall@arcade.city. Due to a volume of requests and our overall disgust with our email inbox, you may not receive a reply. We love you anyway.
Download our mobile app

Download for Android or iOS

Our mobile app shows drivers and riders near you. Review profiles and chat with anyone. It's peer-to-peer: you figure it out. :)
Regarding our app, we invite you to lower your expectations. We're competing against the world's largest private tech startup (Uber) which has raised $20 billion and been around for ten years. We're still a scrappy startup. But we'll get there.
We appreciate any feedback you can send us by email (cityhall@arcade.city) or post in Arcade City Square.
World map of guilds

Guilds are independent cooperatives of Arcade City users, usually drivers organizing to provide reliable service to their local area.

Click the image to open the scrollable fullscreen map.

To view guild profiles and chat with members, download the Arcade City mobile app. Android | iOS