Do you like politicians making your choices for you?

The New York City Council has declared war on innovation and consumer choice.

Everyone knows Uber and Lyft have major problems. Drivers are treated more like temps than entrepreneurs. Drivers, both rideshare and taxi, are making less money than ever.

Arcade City has solved those problems in Austin.

We've built in Austin the world's first and only peer-to-peer ridesharing network that is owned and operated by its drivers.

Over the past two years, our flagship Austin network has achieved industry-leading metrics in three areas:

  • Driver Earnings — Our top drivers earn 2-3x or more than they used to make with the corporate rideshares. And they do that all on their own terms, building recurring customer bases that no one can take away from them.
  • Driver Retention — Uber and Lyft have between 50-90% annual driver turnover. That means most of today's Uber & Lyft drivers will quit in the next year. For Arcade City Austin that number is just 8% — the lowest turnover and highest retention in the entire rideshare industry.
  • Cost Efficiency — We've brought our operational expenses to maintain the Austin network down to zero. It is a truly independent, self-governing rideshare community operated by its drivers — and the very definition of a scalable model we are now excited to expand to New York and beyond.

We're coming to New York. And we don't need to ask bureaucrats for permission.

In September we will launch the new version of the Arcade City mobile app, empowering driver-entrepreneurs to organize their own local rideshare networks and connect directly with riders on their own terms.

Join our global community group Arcade City Square for updates and the chance for early access.

Introducing Driver Guilds

Say goodbye to the corporate office.

Arcade City is building a global network of local driver cooperatives called guilds. Guild drivers work together to provide reliable service to their local area.

Will you join a local guild or create your own?

Want to help? Introduce yourself in Arcade City Square or email us at [email protected]

Stay tuned — and GAME ON.