The Arcade Token (ARCD)

A token for the new cooperative economy

Introducing the Arcade Token

The Arcade Token (ARCD) is the official cryptocurrency of Arcade City.

What is Arcade City?

New here? Welcome!

Arcade City is the #1 project building decentralized Uber.

We aim to decentralize the entire corporate 'gig economy' including ridesharing, deliveries and more.

We've been featured in WIRED, Newsweek, CNBC, TechCrunch, CNN Philippines, the San Francisco Chronicle, Decrypt, and a whole lot more.

So far we've built in Austin, Texas the world's first and only peer-to-peer ridesharing network owned and operated by its drivers. After four years of daily operation, that network now has industry-leading metrics on driver earnings, driver retention, and cost-efficiency.

With our new mobile app we're now preparing to export our successful cooperative model around the world.

Read more about our flagship Austin network and our imminent plans to launch in California here.

Read more about our recent rideshare app launch in this tweetstorm here:

How is the token used?

Starting in our app update v4.2 in early November, users will earn Arcade Tokens for building their local Arcade City networks.

Tokens will be used for growing and governing local networks, primarily via driver-run cooperatives we call guilds.

Users will be able to create guilds in the v4.2 update later this month. Any user may create a guild for essentially any peaceful purpose. Guilds have a name, mission statement, and charter of policies they themselves write and enforce. Otherwise the functionality is similar to guilds in MMORPGs, with guild chat and member invites.

v4.2 also includes a built-in Ethereum wallet which can hold ETH and ARCD. We will support additional cryptocurrencies over time.

Starting in v4.3 later this year, the app allow users to 'stake' tokens to their local guild in exchange for a share of revenue. (Crypto folks, think 'Uniswap liquidity provider' for growing your local peer-to-peer service economy.)

Stay tuned to our Twitter for launch announcements and sneak peeks of upcoming app features.

Now trading on Uniswap

Uniswap is the world's leading decentralized exchange (DEX), allowing users all over the world to buy and sell cryptocurrency without a third-party intermediary.

As of October 9th, there is an ARCD-ETH market which is growing daily. We're even including an ARCD-ETH Uniswap integration in our mobile app.

For a limited time, we will offer bonus tokens to large liquidity providers. Email us for details.

We promise nothing

The Arcade Token has no inherent rights or promises associated with it: not for governance, not for appreciating value, not for revenue-sharing, not for return on investment, not for anything that could be construed in any jurisdiction as a security, not for anything at all.


Obviously it's in our interest as a rising challenger to the 63-billion-dollar Uber and all other gig corporations to build a thriving ecosystem around Arcade City, particularly including the Arcade Token.

We've been at this for four years already. We issued ARCD in late 2017 and only now feel ready to introduce it more broadly. Partly because the blockchain ecosystem and technology have matured, and partly because we are now on the verge of an industry-leading app with meaningful ARCD integration.

When we say industry-leading, we mean two industries at once: rideshare - in which we've already achieved industry-leading metrics on driver earnings, driver retention and cost efficiency - and the blockchain space, in which no mainstream consumer 'killer app' has yet emerged.

We believe Arcade City will be that 'killer app' the crypto community has been waiting for.

But we're going to continue doing it our way.

Roadmaps are bullshit

Somehow the blockchain community has developed an expectation that crypto projects, including consumer apps, specify their exact business model and token model and feature roadmap and everything else all upfront at the beginning of their project.

That's fucking insane.

Any real entrepreneur will tell you that no plan survives first contact with real users.

Specifying everything upfront may make sense for layer-1 protocols, which Arcade City is not.

We're building a network and consumer application for mainstream, non-technical users.

The number of successful mainstream consumer apps that began with a whitepaper detailing everything upfront is exactly zero.

Successful startups grow through experimentation and iteration, not advance planning.

On what timetable will we distribute to our community the ~95% of ARCD currently held by the Arcade City treasury? We don't know.

We can estimate that such distribution will likely occur gradually over a period of three years, with a small distribution beginning shortly after we launch v4.2.

But we can't say for certain and won't make any promises. We're certainly not going to tie ourselves to arbitrary milestones to make it easier for token speculators to calculate potential ROI.

To best serve our users, we must preserve flexibility and our ability to iterate.

Because only through a relentless focus on serving our users will Arcade City grow into a global force capable of disrupting multiple billion-dollar corporations.

We can't tell you exactly how we'll get there.

But we can tell you where we're headed.

Looking forward

Imagine the wide world of decentralized finance made available to millions of independent gig workers and their customers all over the world.

Imagine the billions of people worldwide impacted by the pandemic shutdowns now able to connect peer-to-peer and organize to solve their own needs.

Imagine thousands of self-governing local communities providing all needed services and keeping the value they create, no corrupt governments or corporations required.

This is the new cooperative economy.

We are excited to build it with you.

© 2020 Arcade City, Inc.