Connect freely.

Rides, deliveries and more. All peer-to-peer — powered by Bitcoin.

No corporate BS, no government permission slips.

Coming soon everywhere. Stay tuned.

Arcade City Guild Mock
Introducing Guilds

The power of cooperatives

We've built in Austin, Texas the world's first and only peer-to-peer rideshare+delivery network owned and operated by its drivers. It's a scalable model of resilient community self-organization that we're now expanding globally.

Learn more in this case study of Arcade City Austin from the Sustainable Economies Law Center. Then decide: will you join a guild or create your own?

Bitcoin Only

The power of real money

Unstoppable peer-to-peer commerce needs unstoppable money. That's called Bitcoin.

And now thanks to the Lightning Network, Bitcoin can move at the speed of light.

Hey drivers: Why wait a week to get paid, when you can be paid instantly in the best money to ever exist?

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