You are in control

Select your driver, negotiate payment, and enjoy personalized service.

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    See a Map of Drivers Near You

    Unlike the competition, we give you real data about the drivers near you.

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    Review Driver Profiles and Chat Privately

    Select a driver you're comfortable with, then chat with them directly to set up the ride.

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    The Rest is Up To You

    Pay your driver in cash, credit, bitcoin, or tacos — whatever you both agree to. Enjoy their service? Grab their contact info and request them again!

Why Drivers Love Arcade City

Our revolutionary, battle-tested model solves the immediate pain points of rideshare drivers

icon Set your own rates

Choose your own pricing structure like any true entrepreneur would. No corporate overlords pulling your strings from behind the scenes or cutting your pay without warning.

Transact directly with no middle-man icon

Take payment from riders directly. Arcade City takes 0% of your ride payments because we can't and don't want to. You own the relationship with your riders.

icon stable and recurring customer base

Build direct relationships with riders for a stable and recurring customer base that no one can take away from you. That means unparalleled job security.

organize into driver co-ops called 'guilds' icon

Our corporate competition is terrified of its drivers self-organizing. Instead Arcade City wants to HELP you organize. Driver 'guilds' enable coordinated action to provide reliable citywide service and ensure driver well-being. This is how our Austin network is so successful and we want to help you replicate that success.


Gamifying the new
collaborative economy

Around the world, emerging technologies are accelerating the transfer of power from top-down, centralized institutions to distributed networks driven by voluntary, peer-to-peer collaboration.

To accelerate this trend, Arcade City aims to disrupt and decentralize the highest-valued privately-held corporation in the world: Uber.

Our plan to replace Uber includes providing clear and transparent information to both sides of a ridesharing transaction — incentivizing the sharing of that information through gamification — and organizing community structures to create local alternatives to typical corporate structures. And to have fun doing it!


Powered by Ethereum

We've just issued our Ethereum-based Arcade Token ($ARCD) and launched a community giveaway to our network of 70,000+ drivers and riders.

Starting in January, our mobile app will feature a deep integration of Arcade Tokens into the app functionality. Use of the Arcade Token will always be optional, but you'll need Tokens to participate in the gamification layer mentioned above.

As the Ethereum network grows in capacity for production apps at scale, Arcade City will be among the first applications to integrate the latest ideas in self-sovereign identity, decentralized storage, and tokenized reputation systems — all of which will tie back into our Arcade Token. Stay tuned!

icon [Video] Arcade City:
The Five-Minute Intro
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